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Zoom is necessary for our Sessions.

Please download and use Zoom before your Session.

Signup and Download Zoom Here:
(You only need the "free" version.)
Check your internet speed and latency ("ping") here.
Suggested speeds for Sessions:
  • 4 Mbps up
  • 4 Mbps down
  • 150ms latency or lower.
Faster internet is better.

These other resources are for your enjoyment and to help grow a love for learning all your life. Please enjoy each of them.

Enjoy the ocean and the free learning resources here:
Free educational live streaming channels of sea life. 
The most widely translated website in the world, available in over 1,080 different languages and run entirely by volunteers. 
Look at the hundreds of free videos! 

Musical instrument played with only your eyes.

(Made for those with disabilities. Requires special equipment.)
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