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Privacy Policy

PRIVACY POLICY, and iTutorEnglish (defined as the “Company”) respects the privacy of its online visitors and customers of its products and Services and complies with applicable laws for the protection of your privacy, including, without limitation, the European Union General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR"), the Swiss and EU Privacy Shield Frameworks and the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”).

Website” is defined as www.itutorenglish.com, Company owned subdomains, internet or web pages contained in or on (an) extension of this domain or other Company owned domains or subdomains, Company owned SSL Certified Domains and/or SSL Certified Subdomains, and other websites and/or internet pages of the Company.

Parent” and “Parents” means any parent(s), guardian(s), or other legally responsible adult(s) that may make legal and biding decisions on behalf of those Minor(s) they are legally responsible for or share a legal responsibility for and/or who have the recognized authority to make decisions for the Minor(s) and/or consent to the processing of the Minor(s) Data or information. For purposes of definition, “Minor(s)”, “child”, “children”, refers to anyone under the age of 18.

Services” means any Service provided by the Company and includes but is not limited to: using and/or accessing Company Website(s), entering any information on Company Website(s), Signing up for membership, logging in, starting an account(s), using account(s), booking an appointment(s), managing booking(s), buying package(s), filling out any form(s), signing up for, attending, having or participating in any type of virtual or online class(es) with the Company, having or participating in any Company lesson(s), interacting with Company’s staff and/or subcontractors and/or employees or Tutors, and any other interaction or behavior with the Company where any information may be given and/or exchanged what-so-ever to use any product(s) offered by the Company, or to benefit from Company. General and regular Services include but are not limited to live online video lesson(s), class(es), e-mail, pre-recorded audio and/or video lessons, and other such online communication method(s). Regular contact is maintained with users of the Services through these and other methods as reasonably necessary.

Recording” Means any recorded audio, video(s), voice(s), picture(s), likeness(es), or other representation including Data of any Student and/or Parent(s) and/or users during Services with a Tutor.

Privacy Policy” means the Privacy Policy of Company.

Tutor” means anyone employed by Company, subcontracted by Company, or who otherwise works with Students directly in the course of Services.

Student” means any pupil and/or learner, regardless of age, enrolled in Services.

Data” includes personally identifiable information such as name, e-mail address, phone number, country of residence, language, age, picture(s), image(s), video(s), likeness, voice(s), audio recordings, address if necessary to process payments through payment processors, English level, some types of payment information, form submissions, and any other personally identifiable information as you may provide to us.

"Feedback” means when you, the Parent, Student, or User provide us directly or indirectly through third parties with information or comments concerning Session(s), Service(s), Website(s), suggestion(s) for improvement(s), rating(s), idea(s), error(s), problem(s), complaint(s), or any other matter(s) related to our Service(s). (Please see Terms of Use Agreement.)

us”, “our”, “we”- Means the Company.

you”, “your”, “user(s)”- Means Parent(s) and/or (Student(s) using the Services.

Headings in bold are for reference only and do not affect or change interpretation of this Privacy Policy based on where they or any subpoints may be located in this Privacy Policy.

Where this Privacy Policy is translated into other languages by machine translation, it is understood that errors may occur. In such cases, and/or where conflicts occur between the translated Privacy Policy and the English Privacy Policy, the English Privacy Policy shall prevail. Any translation into other languages is for reference only and shall not govern use of Services. No translation of this Privacy Policy shall exert force in a superior, overruling, or overriding manner to the English Privacy Policy. For clarity, the English Privacy Policy is what Parent(s), Student(s) and users of the Company Website and/or Services agree to.


What Data do we collect?

Company collects the following Data:

Personal identification information such as name, e-mail address, phone number, country of residence, language, age, picture(s), image(s), video(s), likeness, voice(s), audio, address if necessary to process payments through payment processors, English level, some types of payment information, form submissions, and other personally identifiable information as you may provide to us.  Company may, but is not required to Record Services with Tutors. Regardless of the age of the Student, under this Privacy Policy you hereby consent to the Company Recording any part of Services in any format and/or manner. Recording(s) may be taken to ensure quality of: Tutor(s) performance, Student(s) participation in Services, and as proof of Services rendered. Recording(s) may also serve as direct verifiable consent from Parents of Minor(s).


How is the Data collected?

You directly provide your Data to the Company. We collect Data and process Data when you participate in or:

  • Register online

  • Voluntarily complete a survey or provide feedback on any of the message boards or via email. 

  • Use or view the Website.

  • Sign up for lessons or use any Service.

  • Provide us with your e-mail address.

  • Attend and/or participate in any video or audio Services or Sesson(s).

  • Book a calendar appointment.

  • Buy a package.

  • Make a payment.

  • Provide us with any other information what-so-ever through any means for us to provide Services to you. 

The Company may also indirectly collect Data in the following way(s):

  • Reviews, social media mentions, aggregated customer data, IP addresses, Google Analytics, and other means.


How Will We Use Your Data?

The Company collects your Data so that we can:

  • Provide Services to you.

  • Manage your account.

  • Interact with you during lessons.

  • Book your lessons in advance.

  • Support the internal operations of the Company Website or Service.

  • Accept Payments.

  • Process your orders and requests.

  • Assist with your personal English learning goals.

  • Have relevant conversations as part of Services.

  • Evaluate the performance of Tutors.

  • Contact you for lesson reports, feedbacks, performance, and/or other matters.

  • Contact you for future promotions, offers, and information that you may find useful.


Company may provide the following companies your information as necessary to provide you with Services:

  • Wix, Google Domains, Google Analytics, Stripe, PayPal, Zoom, Gmail, and others

When you provide any credit information for any transaction on the Website or affiliated payment processor(s) websites(s), the Company or affiliated payment processor(s) may automatically send the information to credit agencies to prevent purchases made for fraudulent purposes. Unless indicated otherwise, the Company retains no payment information. Company does not retain payment information made through the payment processors Stripe and PayPal. We do not have access to, nor do we store your payment and/or credit card information.

Company would like to use selected portions of Recordings for advertisement purposes. If this applies to you, you will be notified and your additional consent will be requested.


How will we store Data?

The Company securely stores the user Data at affiliate servers, payment processors’ networks, and password protected hard drives of Tutors. The Data storage services are provided by Wix, Google, Zoom, Stripe, PayPal, and other such affiliate provers of services in addition to the password protected hard drives of Tutors. In support of Data minimization, not all Tutors have access to all Data.

The Company will keep your Data for as long as necessary to provide Services. Company may retain copies of certain Data for record keeping, financial, tax, legal, accounting, reporting, or regulatory requirements for as long as deemed necessary to do so in compliance with local and Federal laws and regulations of the United States or to comply with regulations of other country(s) if Company relocates. When deciding how long to keep Data, Company considers its amount, nature and/or sensitivity, potential risk of harm from unauthorized use or disclosure, the processing purposes, if these can be accomplished reasonably through other means, and other similar factors.

United States Federal law requires Company to keep basic information about customers including contact, identity, transaction amount(s), date(s), and other such Data for up to 7 years after cessation of Services. This Data will only be revealed upon legitimate request from the United States Federal Government or other government(s) as applicable if Company relocates to another county to meet regulations and/or tax reporting purposes.  

When we delete Data, we will do so from hard drive(s) of Tutors, and, as far as practical and our ability allows us to, our affiliates services, including your package memberships and future booking calendar appointment(s). You must not, and we request that you do not use the Services or Company Website once your Data is deleted. Company will delete your Data after your contract is terminated or at Company discretion to protect your private information from unauthorized access or use. Under certain circumstances, Company my anonymize certain Data for statistical, analytical or research purposes to improve Services or Website in which case we may use this information without further disclosure to you for an indefinite period of time.


Your Data Protection Rights

Every Parent or adult user of Services is entitled to the following rights:

  1. The right to access: The user can request a copy of the personal Data collected by the Website. The Company may charge a fee for this service. 

  2. The right to rectification: The user can request the Company to correct any information that they believe to be wrong. The user can also request the Company to complete any information that the user believes to be incomplete. 

  3. The right to erase: The user has the right to request the erasure of the information collected, under certain conditions. 

  4. The right to restrict processing: The user has the right to request that Company restrict the processing of their personal information, under certain conditions. 

  5. The right to object to processing: The user has the right to object to the Company's processing of their personal Data, under certain conditions. 

  6. The right to Data portability: The user has the right to request that the Company transfer Data collected to another organization, or directly to you, under certain conditions. 


If you choose to restrict or reject Data processing, this may limit, deny, or terminate your usage of the Services or access to the Company Website(s).

For any requests, the Company shall respond to the user within a reasonable amount of time. If you would like to exercise the rights as described, you can contact the Company by the following means: Email


What are Cookies

Cookies are text files placed on your device to collect standard Internet log information and visitor behavior information. When you visit the Website, we may collect information from you automatically through cookies or similar technology. 

For further information about cookies and their functions, please visit:


How we use Cookies

The Company uses cookies in multiple ways to improve your experience on the Website, including:

  • Keeping the registered user logged in 

  • Understanding how you use the Website

  • For analytics purposes


What type of Cookies do we use?

The Website uses numerous types of Cookies:

  • Functionality: The Company uses these cookies so that we recognize the users on the Website and remember the personal preferences they selected in the past, such as the language of the Website. These include first-party and third-party cookies. 

  • Advertising: These cookies collect information about your visit to the Website and what areas you visit, such as which page(s) you visit and/or other resources. The links you followed and information about your browser, your device and your IP address may be collected. We share a limited portion of this Data with third parties for advertising and analytics purposes. 


How to manage Cookies

  • You can set your browser not to accept cookies. The Cookie Policy provides information on how to remove the cookies.

  • Setting your browser to not accept cookies may prevent you from using certain features of the Website, and may limit or prevent functionality of Service(s). Company is not responsible for disruptions in your Services(s) due to your cookies settings.


COPPA Compliance

The Company complies with all mandated COPPA regulations as set forth in the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) which became effective on April 21, 2000 and its amendments that took effect on July 1, 2013. The primary goal of COPPA is to place parents in control over what information is collected from their young children online.


Your enrollment in or usage of the Services and/or using of the Company Website indicates your consent and approval of the Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, and Terms of Use Agreement.

Consenting to or agreeing to this Privacy Policy, enrolling in the Service, and any communication between Company and Parents constitutes and serves as direct notice(s) to Parents that their child’s information and/or Data will be collected and processed according to this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use Agreement. Direct notice(s) is used to ensure the consent of Parent for a Minor(s) to use the Service(s). Company may require financial verification to simplify this process.

You have the choice of whether you consent to the Company collecting and internally using your child’s information and Data. Company does not disclose information about children to third parties except where necessary to provide Services and where you have given us permission for advertisement purposes as found in point 25 of the Terms of Use Agreement. If you do not consent to your child’s information or Data being collected and processed by Company, and/or shared with third party services as necessary to provide Service(s), you may not or cannot use the Services or Website(s) and may not or are not permitted to access them.  

Company maintains the confidentiality, security, and integrity of information collected from children, including by taking reasonable steps to release such information only to parties capable of maintaining its confidentiality and security.

To provide Services, Company may ask for reasonably necessary information from the Parent or child.  Information beyond what is reasonably necessary to provide Services is not a condition of using the Services. Company, within reasonable context for the nature of Services, will try to abide by Data minimization. However, it should be noted that Services are based on communication and include real-life and fictitious situations in conversations, texts, pictures, and videos which necessitate asking and answering personal questions, some of which may be of a sensitive nature. Such questions may include asking about or relating to family, age, background, culture, language, country of residence, and other such questions.  It is understood that such questions are reasonably necessary to furnish Services and the sharing of personal information is a central feature of Services. The purpose of asking such questions is to provide relevancy to the Services for the benefit of the Parent and/or Child.

Company tries to obtain direct verifiable Parental consent, with limited exceptions, before collecting personal information online from Children. However, no system is 100% secure, and Company cannot prevent Children from falsifying information to gain access to the Website or Services.  Company does not knowingly and without Parents consent collect information from any Minor. If it is found that a Minor has entered Data or information without Parent consent, Company will immediately or as soon as reasonably possible erase Data submitted by Minor.


Minors must have Parental consent to use or access Services.

At this time, Company does not knowingly allow a way for children or Minors to make their personal information available publicly online, with the exception of leaving feedbacks for the Session(s) as found in point 25 of the Terms of Use Agreement. Company may make substitutions of name(s), age(s), and country(s) of residence at its sole discretion to protect the identity of children who leave feedback(s) but Company is not required to make such substitutions. If you have any questions, or would like to give Company special instructions regarding any feedback left by your child, you may contact

If you would like to see, edit, change, update, complete or delete your child’s information, you may do so by logging into your account ‘Profile’, ‘My Account’, or ‘Login’ on the Company Website and making any desired changes, or you may delete your account from ‘My Account’, ‘Profile’, or ‘Login’ on the Company Website. 

If you need help with or want to see, request a copy of, modify, complete, update, or delete your or your child’s Data, you may e-mail, including ‘Attn: Child Data’ in the Subject Field of the email.


Additionally, Data Controllers, maintainers, and Data Operators of Company are primarily the Tutor(s), employee(s), subcontractor(s), and in appropriate degrees the third parties mentioned here:

  • Wix- Website service provider- to provide you with the Website(s), booking calendar, fillable forms, your login and other Website based Services. Wix has access to this Data.

  • Google, Google Analytics- Provides support for the internal operations of the Website. Google Analytics may count Website users, access session statistics, approximate geolocation, and/or access browser and device information.

  • Stripe- Payment processor. Has access to your payment information.

  • PayPal- Payment processor. Has access to your payment information.

  • Zoom- Video conference software and/or app. Transmits audio, video, voice, images, shared files, and other such Data and is necessary for Services. Zoom may have access to this Data. When you make a Zoom account you agree to their policies.

You can access a complete list of Tutors at:

For inquiries about the Privacy Policy and use of Children’s Information, please contact: and include ‘Attn: COPPA Compliance’ in the subject field. Upon request, you will be provided with additional contact information of Company Data Controller and Data Operations Officer including name, phone number, and address. For purposes of data security for the Tutors’ confidential and protected information, such is withheld in this Privacy Policy but is available to registered Users of Company Service(s) upon request. The above e-mail is regularly monitored by the Company Data Controller and Data Operations Officer. Any requests or inquiries as to the use of children’s protected information will be responded to as quickly as reasonably possible.   


Privacy policies of other websites 

Company uses the services of Wix, Zoom, Google, Stripe, and PayPal to function and provide Services to you. Using the Company Website, associated Company owned Websites, or any of the Services indicates your acceptance of the privacy policies of these other websites as may be applicable to your use, and their related websites and/or services as may be applicable. You may be agreeing to their privacy policy when you access and/or use the Services as may be applicable. Because it is impractical to contain their privacy policies within this Privacy Policy and due to constant changes within their policies, you may find and read the privacy policy of these websites or services at these addresses:

The Website contains links to other websites that may not be on this list. The Privacy Policy applies only to the Company Website. Hence, if you click on third-party links or links to other websites or choose to use the services of Wix, Zoom, Google, Stripe, PayPal, or other services, you should read their individual privacy policies(s). 



The Company would like to and may send you information about Services and packages, sales, discounts, coupons, referral opportunities, and other promotional materials for the Website.

If you wish to change your marketing preferences, you can opt-out later.

You have the right to stop the Company from sending you marketing information or giving your Data to partner or affiliated companies for marketing purposes. 

If you no longer wish to receive Company marketing information, you can follow the steps below:

Contact and request to be removed from the mailing list.


Changes to the Privacy Policy

Company keeps our Privacy Policy under regular review and we may make improvements or changes to our Privacy Policy at any time. Such updates are immediately binding upon publish date to the Website. If you do not agree to this Privacy Policy as of now or future iterations, you must stop or not use the Service(s) of the Company in any manner or form.  We will update our users about Privacy Policy changes to and/or through our Website(s). Our Privacy Policy was last updated on 2/27/2023. 


Contact Us 

Due to the international and multi-lingual nature of users of the Company Website, we request an e-mail for translation purposes if you want to contact us.

Email: including “Privacy Policy” in the subject field.


Contacting Appropriate Authorities 

If you wish to report a privacy complaint or if you want to make an enquiry about your privacy concerns, you may contact an official governing privacy authority where you reside. Their contact information may vary based on where you live. It would be impractical to keep a full list of the contact information of such official governing privacy authorities in this Privacy Policy for every country we accept Students from.

We hope if there is ever any privacy question, inquiry, or complaint that you contact us first so we may have an opportunity to resolve the issue quickly and to your satisfaction.

Below is the information for the United States FTC if you wish to lodge a complaint:

Phone: (202) 326-2222

Address: Federal Trade Commission
                600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
                Washington, DC 20580


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