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Mrs. Kat

Head Tutor

Dear parents and students,


My name is Mrs. Kat. I am excited about teaching you English!

I have a Bachelor's of Education Degree and focused on Early Childhood Education. I've earned 2 TESOL Certifications. I have had the pleasure of teaching for over 15 years as a private teacher, a teacher for special needs children, and as an online english teacher.

I have been married for 14 years. I love to listen to music, sing, dance, spend time with my friends, family, garden, travel, learn about different cultures, cook, bake, and of course teach! 

I'm not just a teacher by profession, but from the depths of my heart! I love to make learning exciting for my students! In my classroom, I have many different props, teaching aids, reward systems, toys, and activities to keep my students engaged and excited about learning English! I think correcting my students' mistakes and having them say complete sentences as much as possible is very important. This is because I know and believe that my students can achieve success and become fluent English speakers.

I've applied myself to learning other languages also. Because of trying to learn other languages myself, I know what it takes! With me you can get the encouragement, reinforcement, and practice you need to accomplish your language learning goals. I would feel honored to help you to be successful on this important journey! 

Thank you.

With Deep Respect,

Mrs. Kat

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